Hong Chun History

Hong Chun Company was founded in 1980 in Zhunan Town, Miaoli County to meet the increasing demand for the booming development of chemical fiber and petrochemical industries, newly established plants, or improvement engineering. Currently the company plant covers 21,000 m2, possesses more than 100 employees. Its capital is NT$105 million. The Company specializes in manufacture, installation of chemical engineering equipment, tower tank, storage tank, heat exchanger, pressure vessel, reactor, stirred tank, etc. and piping engineering construction work.

Design Business

Hong Chun Company specializes in the design business of chemical engineering process, equipment, tower tank, heat exchanger, and piping engineering, etc.

  • Pragmaticality
  • practicality
  • economical
  • convenient
1. Full complement of skilled employees

The main members of Hong Chun Company consist of staff members with more than 10 years of experience in chemical fiber plant whole plant design and production, including polymerization, spinning, cotton manufacture, drying, silk manufacture, false twists, dyeing, manufacturing process planning, machinery, and manufacturing professionals. Promotion of the engineering process is well-considered and arranged. The owners need not worry omission or defect.

2. The abundant experience in plant construction and technical ability

The Company has abundant experience in involving in the domestic chemical fiber plant construction. In addition to experience to participating in Nan Ya Chemical Fiber, Tuntex Distinct Corporation, Hwa Long Company, Tung Ho Textile Co. Ltd...... etc., several plant building (expansion), we have worked with German ZIMMER Company four times in domestic plant construction work, such as Tainan Spinning Co. Ltd., Shin Kong, China Man-made Fiber Corporation, Hung Chou, Chia Hsin, Chung Shing Chemical Fiber, Hwa Long Malaysia, etc., detail engineering. We have been widely praised by our customers.

3. Computerized operations with the latest edition of the international engineering specifications/standards

To enhance the engineering service quality and level, the Company spare no effort to invest considerably in job computerization, like computer hardware and software equipment expansion. The status quo as equipment fabrication drawing, configuration diagram, stress analysis, 3D computer piping construction three dimensional view, material statistics, and other jobs, have been incorporated into the computer jobs, which can take full advantage of fast, accurate, perfect engineering services.
Currently the engineering software used includes: AUTOCAD 2000 & PV-ELITE & PDMS. In project management, we use "Digiwin process-oriented enterprise resource planning system."

4. Quality assurance and customer service oriented and responsible dedicated professionalism

Currently Hong Chun Company has obtained the following certification:

Most importantly, the company commits all its energy to any project commissioned by the owner and works to understand the customers perspective. The quality of our work does not vary due to the amount of work in a given contract or in the difficulty degree of the work. Over the years due to the support of all sectors, the Company will uphold the existing foundation, continue to enhance the technical level, continue to provide perfect services to industry, and strive for greater achievements in the industry.

5. Research and development

In recent years, the Company continued to invest in research and development in waste water/waste gas treatment and pure/ultrapure water treatment technology in light of the growing importance of environmental protection as well as the growing demands for semiconductor industry's pure/ultrapure water treatment systems. This is in line with the spirit of seeking knowledge and the development and research. We have also actively participated in engineering and construction in these areas.

Organization framework